Artist Statement:

My artwork is focused on the relationship between humans, machines, animals and their hybridization at the border areas of biology, myths of creation. It triggers the connections between life, science, art and engineering reflecting our rapport to nature within our current information society. The overlap between the natural and the artificial as a substantial dialog between body and material challenges the central, ethically sacrosanct principle of development based on progression and adaptation.

The synthesis of nature and engineering allows the combination of seemingly non-corresponding materials and the exploration of synthetic replacements of bodily properties, leading to the creation of artificial hybrid creatures and questioning the human condition in the 21st century. Recent discoveries in bio engineering and the fantasy of creating artificial human counterparts allow new constructs for functional and aesthetic research; as such the scientific laboratory becomes cultural. The making of artificial body-parts from a diverse range of materials and use of technical and medical advancements as a temporary or permanent substitute for organic tissue facilitates life. In this context, the animal is subordinated and classified as a commodity.